Ouers se dissiplinering van vyf- tot sesjariges


Parents’ disciplining of five to six-year-old children. The home is the basis of development in the preschool years and parenting skills are therefore crucial for the prevention of behaviour that can negatively affect the child’s future. This article reports on research conducted through the analysis of the opinions of a group of South African parents regarding the behaviour of their five to six-year-old children that they experienced as being problematic, as well as the effect of the behaviour on the parents, the strategies that they applied, and the nature of the support that they chose. The conceptual-theoretical framework in which the research was embedded explains the construct of socio-emotional development, the parent’s role therein and understanding the disciplining of the five to six-year-old child from a bio-ecological perspective (as postulated by Bronfenbrenner) with an accompanying critical perspective from the Christian worldview.