Christian Religious Education and Integrity: A Case Study of Babock University, Nigeria
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Christian religious education
image of God
moral values
educational practices


The goal of education, especially Christian religious education, is to restore human beings to the image of God in which they were created. This is achieved by inculcating moral values into students and using education to build their character that it might reflect the character of God. One of the major moral values that is highly needed in Nigeria society is integrity. Babcock University as a Christian institution practices religious education in which the Christian faith is integrated into every fabric of her educational practices. Since inception, Babcock has had integrity as part of her core values. This has been promoted, encouraged practised and coached by the university personnel. This study investigated the level of integrity and the process of its attainment. Since religious universities constituted about two-thirds of private universities (about 45% of the total private institutions in Nigeria), there is a high need of building integrity in these universities in order to promote integrity in the nation. The study adopted qualitative research method using interview as means of data collection. The study found that leadership and freedom are essential factors in ensuring integrity.
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