Transformational Learning Through Teacher Collaboration: a Case Study
Image_Transformational Learning Through Teacher Collaboration: a Case Study


Adult learning
transformational learning
teacher collaboration
professional development


This article, which developed from previous studies at the school, reports on a qualitative study aimed at investigating the professional learning experiences of staff members at a South African primary school. Transformational learning and the adult learning theory underpinned the study. Data were collected by means of an open-ended questionnaire administered to teachers of the mathematics department, a focus group interview with these teachers and individual interviews with the principal. Participants indicated that teacher collaboration enhanced their professional learning in the various horizontal and vertical structured teams at the school. They emphasised the importance of effective communication, trust and respect in their interpersonal relationships. Although participants acknowledged differences in their personalities and professional approaches, they regarded them as beneficial and complementary for their learning. The study showed that transformational learning was contextualised and therefore suggested that more research should be carried out to explore the contextual factors that promote sharing of knowledge and skills among teachers at other schools.

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