Criticalities of Non-Verbal Reading Competencies: An Afrocentric Ethnological Approach to Qualitative Research


3 Cs of non-verbal communication
ethno-specific cultural embodiments
Afrocentric non-verbal reading competencies


Body contact and body language reading are unique and existential and, although culturally dependent and socially embodied, they are critical ethno-specific communication forms confined within contextual geo-spaces. The interactive narratives of ethno-specific, non-verbal communication in my qualitative research approach were facilitated using e-mails, web blogs and thread observations generated by senior research leaders who shared their views on appropriate Afro ethno-specific qualitative data collection methodologies. Afro ethno-specific qualitative data collection methodology needs a new narrative that focuses on creating Afrocentric research practices and data collection instruments that are validated for African contexts. Research findings indicate that non-verbal reading competencies that take cognizance of the application of the 3 Cs of non-verbal communication; context, clusters and congruence that are group and Afro-ethno specific were often ignored by researchers in South Africa. The article argues that the application of Afro-ethno specific non-verbal reading competencies, knowledges and skills is critical for it takes into cognizance people’s ethnic origin, culture, identity, race, nationality, norms, values, religion or belief systems.
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